Holistic Youth Ministry at Don Bosco Institute - Guwahati  by Fr. Bivan R. Mukhim
    Guwahati, Jun. 17. 2017 A Two-day animation programme was organised for the Youth Ministry Teams of both Shillong as well as Guwahati Provinces at Don Bosco Institute, Guwahati on 16-17 June 2017. The theme of the animation programme is ``Towards a Holistic Youth Ministry`` and it was animated by the Don Bosco Youth Animation (DBYA) South Asia.
    The two-day animation programme was well planned and it spanned from understanding the problems of the young to understanding the Salesian Congregation`s teaching on Youth Ministry; from the animation structures of youth ministry to the spirituality of effective youth minister; from various dimensions of youth ministry to many practical implications of carrying out youth ministry efficiently.

    The Salesian Youth Ministry Delegate of South Asia, Father Maria Charles insisted upon a paradigm shift in understanding and encountering the culture of the young and to get into a planning mentality and to have a scientific temper and of course a passionate heart to work with the young. He was accompanied by Father Glenford Lowe, Father Cletus D`Souza and Father Robert Simon. The DBYASA Animating Team engaged with the participants in study and reflection on HOLISTIC YOUTH MINISTRY. Building upto the theme were different elements that contribute to it which are predominantly expressed in the Youth Ministry - Frame of Reference, the referral document for Salesian Youth Ministry all over the world. The discussion on application of the same in the diverse context of the North East brought to the fray innumerable challenges of the young and those in ministry with them. Towards the end of the first day the focus was directed on the forthcoming Church Synod on Youth, Faith and Vocational Discernment.

    The second day of animation began with the Eucharist in the morning presided over by Fr. Maria Charles. The morning session sort of caped all the study subjects of the previous day under the theme ``Holistic Youth Ministry``.  Informed, educated, convinced and enlightened through the two days of study sessions the participants returned with greater commitment to the young who await us to accompany them.
    Posted by Mukhim Rodrigues Bivan