Bosco Style Teacher`s Day celebration  by Fr. Bivan R. Muhim
    Guwahati, Sep. 7. 2017 It was a teacher`s day with a difference in Don Bosco Higher Secondary School, Tura. Celebrated in a `Bosco Style`, on the Diamond Jubilee year. The celebration was not just colourful and festive but unique indeed. 14 teachers who have completed 25 years and more of service in the institution were specially honouredon this memorable day.
    A special citation cum memento was presented to the delighted (some became emotional) teachers. Paying befitting tribute to them was a hit dance entitled, ``Bosco Style``. Costumed in cassocks the dancers` photographs and videos have become `viral` in Facebook and Whatsapp. The cheers for the dances were the loudest in years said the visible delighted Madam Lesthabel Sangma, the longest serving teacher who has been in the school for 38 years. On behalf of the awarded teachers and other teachers she thanked the authorities, teachers and students for the sincere appreciation and acknowledgement.
    The honoured teachers are as followers:
    Name Number of years served Since
    Smt. LesthabelSangma 38 1979
    Sir Satyakam        35 1982
    Shri P. Saha        35 1982
    Smt. Superna Paul 34 1983
    Shri P. T. Chacko 33 1985
    Smt. AssuntaSangma 31 1986
    Shri Frederick Tirkey 31 1986
    Smt. NirmalaSangma 30 1987
    Shri. WinisonSangma 29 1988
    Shri. SubrataSen 29 1987
    Shri. Emil Sangma 27 1990
    Smt. SumitraChetry 26 1991
    Smt. June Collins Marak 26 1991
    Smt. Cecilia Sangma 26 1991

    Posted by Mukhim Rodrigues Bivan