Spiritual Animation for Young Salesians of ING  by Cl. Hopner Tudu
    Guwahati, Sep. 27. 2017 A tri-monthly recollection was organised for the young Salesians on 22nd September 2017 at the Provincial House, Guwahati. Fourty Nine brothers turned up for the moment of grace. The programme was animated by Rev. Fr. Januarius Sangma, Vice-Provincial.
    The day began with lauds wherein Fr Januarius Sangma led the brothers in silence and personal reflection. The animation talk was given by Fr K.J. Thomas, Rector and Director of BRO and former Economer of the province. He used the Holy Scripture to drive home the need to surrender one to God`s will just like the patriach of the Old Testament. Fr. Thomas stresses on the possessions one holds and the need to surreder of oneself to God. ``God makes everything new, beautiful, powerful, sovereignity for His project and enterprises,`` he said.
    The Preacher encouraged the brothers exhorting them that ``The Salesians are part of the great project and enterprise that God has for his people, so we need to imbibe the spirit of Elijah to work for people with a zealous heart for God`s Kingdom,`` he added.  
    After the recollection talk, there was moment of grace for the young confreres to  go for confessions. The Holy Eachuarist that was followed was celebrated by Fr. Januarius Sangma.
    The afternoon session for the young Salesians was animated by Fr. Paul Rabha, Youth Coordinator, Don Bosco Socio Technical Institute (DBSTI), Tezpur. He gave various insights to the brothers on the need to approach the youth in whatever situation they are. ``It is the need of the hour to reach to the young people and for that, every Salesian need the passion and the zeal to approch them,`` he said. Fr. Thaddeus Kujur the Director of Snehalaya and Child Friendly Guwahati stressed on the needs to be connected with the Lord through Prayers. He also highlighted the need to take care of the lost, the least and the last... to bring them up in the society.
    At the conclusion session the brothers expressed their gratitude to Fr. Januarius Sagma for the beautiful gathering and seeing to the spiritual aspects of the young Salesians as they continue their practical training and college studies.
    Posted by Mukhim Rodrigues Bivan