Be Happy Salesians and serve Socially Marginalised Youngsters   by Father Bivan R. Mukhim
    Guwahati, Nov. 9. 2017 The Rector Major addressed the Salesians and thanked the Salesians and the Salesian Family members for their `fraternal presence` and their commitment and dedication towards the Salesian mission and the progress in North East India.
    During his interaction, he said that every Salesian is close to his heart and he remembers everyone. He lauded the Salesian missions and presences. ``We have a beautiful congregation``, Father Angel said. ``The Salesian congregation is as beautiful as it was 20-25 years ago,`` he added. He also said that the congregation is `highly respected by the Church and love by the Holy Father.` He exhorted those present to continue the service of serving the poor particularly the poor youth of the region.
    He asked the Salesians to be credible in their religious life. ``The community should be a fraternal community where each one is happy and taken care of. The young confreres should feel secure and is allowed to grow in his religious life,`` Father Angel said.

    He requested the Salesians not to seek for a life of ease and power. ``The greatest problem of the Church today is `Clericalism` and `seeking for power and money`, he added. ``As confreres, we should not seek for power and money but to be of service to the needy.``

          He implored everyone to live the Salesian life with great fulfillment and love. He said that he remembered everyone in prayer. Fr V M Thomas,Provincial of the Salesian Province of Guwahati thanked Father Angel for his love and dedication to the mission of Don Bosco.
    Posted by Mukhim Rodrigues Bivan