Govt. of Meghalaya awards Father Anthony Buccieri posthumously  by Father Bivan R. Mukhim
    Guwahati, Jan. 29. 2018 On 26th January, 2018, during the celebration of 69th Republic Day, the Public Administration of West Garo Hills posthumously awarded Father Anthony Buccieri SDB, a missionary who worked in Garo Hills for more than 25 years, with the ``Special Award``. The Citation reads, ``In appreciation and recognition of his outstanding contribution in the field of Social Services, Community Development, Literature and Religious Brotherhood;  the Deputy Commissioner, West Garo Hills, Tura hereby confers him posthumous `Special Ward` on 26th January, 2018 during the 69th Republic Day Celebration at Dikki Bandi Stadium, Tura.``
    The award was given by Shri Ram Singh, DC of West Garo Hills and was received by Father Albert Thyrniang, Rector and Principal of Don Bosco Higher Secondary School, Tura.

    Born on 12th June 1913 in Sicily, Italy, Father Buccieri came to India in 1934. After completing his philosophical and theological studies he came to Tura in 1939. His stay in Garo Hills was interrupted due to the Second World War as he was sent to concentration camps at Mawlai, Deoli and Dehra Dun where he functioned as professor of scripture for students of theology.

    When he was released in 1946 he was sent to work in South India. After a year he returned to Tura. The places where he worked include, teaching theology in Mawlai, Rector of Liluah, Parish priest in Tura, Dalu, Upper Shillong and Mawkhar in Shillong and confessor in Bosco Mount, Rongkhon. He passed away on 3rd November 1998 in Nazareth Hospital and was buried at Bosco Mount, Tura on 5th November.

    When in Tura he built the present Cathedral Church. He also started a primary school which is now Don Bosco Higher Secondary School. Similarly he opened others schools and boarding to educate the local population. He contributed much to Garo religious literature through his writings and publications which include the following:
    1. Editor of SENG BAA.
    2. `Kristan Bebera`ani`
    3. English - Garo Grammar
    4. Kristoko daksningani (Imitation of Christ)
    5. Lukni sea Nama Kattani talatanirang
    6. Rt. Paulhi Pastoral chitirangni talatanirang
    7. Jakobni-Pitorni-Johnni aro Judani chitirang
    8. Parapeani. Talatanirang
    9. Jona-Hsggai-5 Zekaria- Malaki Katchinikgiparang .
    10. Sastrooniko ambo
    11. Jisuni Magipa Maria . 0 Gitel, chingko skina skibo
    12. Ongchenggipa Mondolini beberaani aro maniani
    13. Pinikkio (An Italian novel he translated into Garo)
    14. Johnni sea Nama Katta aro talatanirang
    Posted by Mukhim Rodrigues Bivan